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Helpful Hints in Torrance, CA

Having Problems? Let's see if we can help!

Lights and receptacles out in about half the house (more that 2 circuits)?
The problem is either the main circuit breaker or the utility company's loss of a power line to your building. The power company supplies (2) power lines to your home and the loss of one would cause only half the house to have power. Call LOCAL UTILITY and report part lights. The other possibility, main circuit breaker could have partially tripped. Try resetting the breaker, this might restore power. If not, call us.

Lights and receptacles receiving low power or bright lights (excessive voltage)?
This indicates an open neutral (white wire - return path). If the problem affects half the house, the utility could be the cause. Call LOCAL UTILITY and report flickering lights high voltage. If the problem is limited to a small area, a bad connection in one of the outlets is possibly the cause. Call us.
Dead receptacles in a few areas or lights out in a section of the house?
Turn off switches and unplug everything that is not working, then reset all the circuit breakers or GFCI receptacles (the plugs with the buttons in the center). Lights flickering or blinking? Turn off the circuit breaker and call us.

Lights flickering or blinking?
Turn off the circuit breaker and call us.

Light bulb — Electrical services in Torrance, CA
The heavy smell of plastic burning or the ozone smell of an electrical am?
SHUT OFF all breakers and call us.

A few receptacles out, refrigerator or freezer not working?
First, find a receptacle that has power and connect the refrigerator/freezer with an extension cord. Next, try resetting the circuit breakers and GFCI receptacles. Not working? Call us.

Radio has a buzzing sound?
The major cause of a hum in the AM radio signal to your radio is due to a light dimmer or fluorescent lighting. Try turning off all dimmers and fluorescent lights to see if the problem disappears. Next, turn off the circuit breakers (one at a time) and see if the hum goes away. (This will isolate the problem). Last, try the radio in another outlet away from the problem area. (The problem could be coming from outside). Can't locate the problem? Call us.

Please remember, we are here to help. Give us a call and we'll do our best to help you solve the problem or schedule a service call.

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