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Common Lighting Choices

Today’s lighting choices have resulted in myriad energy efficient lamps with extremely long life. We find the best overall energy efficiency lighting available today is LED, at an initial high price, although the payback is generally within two years when compared to incandescent or Halogen light sources.

The California Title 24 Energy Code now requires 60 Lumens of light output, per watt of energy. This is mandated in many areas of a building or home. The mandated watt per square foot calculations, also reduce the energy allowed in an area so low that without a high lumen light source, the result will be unacceptable.

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This brings us to which light source should we consider:
  • Nothing beats incandescent or Halogen for a soft warm color at 28K with a high color index of 90+ at 25 lumens per watt and a 4K lamp life
  • Led Lighting is offered in various color temperatures ranging from 27K to 65K with a color index of 80+ at 65 lumen per watt and a 50K lamp life
  • Fluorescent has come a long way with energy efficacy and color correction. These lamps are offered in 27K through 65K color temperature with a color index of 60K lumens per watt with a 24K lamp life.
  • Your street lights are High Pressure Sodium offering a 22K color index at 90+ lumen per watt. With a 24K hour life.
  • Sports facilities and retail use Metal Halide lighting offering a good color index of 90+ at 60K lumens per watt and 20K hour life. The lumen efficacy is slightly lower at but a great choice of crisp-white lighting.
As you see above, the choices are varied with a specific lamp for an application. Safety is a factor when the light goes out. Sodium and Metal Halide lamps have a 15-minute re-strike time upon a power outage. We recommend the following:
  • Homes
    • LED works the best for most indoor applications, except your bathroom mirror or specialty fixtures. Landscape fixtures are great choice for LED.
    • Compact fluorescent works well for exterior applications.
  • Commercial
    • Fluorescent T5 lamps for warehouses and T8 lamps for offices are the best choice.
    • Parking lot and exterior wall floods are best with Metal Halide or LED fixtures.

Automation and Energy Management

Energy costs have reached a point where we can no longer afford to waste it. To leave the lights on when leaving a room won’t work anymore. We install vacancy sensor light switches that will switch the light off when the room becomes un-occupied and remotely controlled switches that allow the homeowner to turn-off all lights at a touch of a switch.

We control exterior lighting with astrologic timers that adjust to the sun every day with 3-year replaceable batteries that are unaffected by power outages.

We install Lutron RadioRA2 and PCS PulseWorx UPB lighting control both offering good control of the lighting in the home. This can be integrated into a Leviton HAI controller making the lighting, temperature and security operate seamlessly at a touch of a button.
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